Change Your Email Address for Your Notation Purchase

Use this page to update your e-mail address in our records.

In order to redownload a copy of your purchased Notation Software product, or to upgrade to a newer major version, or upgrade to a more advanced product, we will need your current e-mail address to send your Download Key or Upgrade Key. If your email address has changed since your purchase just follow the steps below.

If you find that your request to change your email address is refused, and if your request is legitimate, then please send an email to Your support request should include your old email address, your new email address, and your old postal address information. For immediate results, however, please use this Change Email Request form, as there may be a one or two-day delay in our manually processing your request.

If you have any problems with this page, please contact us at

STEP 1: Enter your old email address.


STEP 2: Enter your new email address.


STEP 3: Enter your name.


STEP 4: Enter your original postal address and phone number.


STEP 5: Enter your new postal address and phone number, only if they have changed.


STEP 6: Submit your request to change your email address.