Customized Part

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Customized Part

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Musician offers options to prepare three specially formatted parts: the Sing-Along Part, Easy Note Part, and Fake Book Lead Sheet Part. These three standard types of parts specify certain combinations of options for:

B816whether lyrics should be included in the part and merged with notes in a melody staff
B816whether accompaniment notes in the melody staff should be sorted out into a separate accompaniment staff, or removed altogether
B816whether chord names should be transcribed and included
B816the font sizes for notes, lyrics, and chord names

You can override any of these options when preparing one of the three standard types of parts with the Part Preparation Wizard. If you do so, then the next time you run the Part Preparation Wizard, it will offer the options you most recently selected as defaults for that type of part (eg, Sing-Along).

You might want to create a special part, with combinations of the above options, without disrupting the default values for the three standard types of parts. In this case, you can choose a fourth type of part, called the "Customized Part" in the Part Preparation Wizard.

prcarrow To prepare a customized part:

1.Choose the Part Preparation Wizard command in the Part menu.
2.In Step 1 of the Part Preparation Wizard, choose the Custom part type.
3. Follow the instructions for the wizard Steps 2 through 5 in the Part Preparation Wizard.