Managing Alternative MIDI Device Configurations

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Managing Alternative MIDI Device Configurations

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NOTE:  If your system includes only a single sound card and at most one external MIDI device, such as a MIDI keyboard, then you likely do not need to define more than one configuration. You can manage your sound card ports using the single "Default Configuration" that Musician originally creates for you, and you do not need to refer to this section.

If your music studio includes at least a couple of external MIDI devices, then there are likely multiple ways that you might want to arrange your devices, depending on the orchestration requirements for a given type of song. This might require that you reconnect MIDI cables, or change settings on the front panels of your devices.

Each time you change the physical arrangement of your devices, you will need to update the corresponding representation in the MIDI Device Configuration Window. This task is made easy by Musician, because you can name and save alternative configurations. If it takes you a couple of minutes to rearrange your physical devices, it will still take you only a few seconds to recall the corresponding configuration in Musician .