Preparing a Piano Reduction of a Score

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Preparing a Piano Reduction of a Score

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With Musician, you can quickly prepare a piano reduction of an instrument ensemble or choral score.

There are many uses for piano reductions of scores:

B816For your own enjoyment, transcribe an instrumental or choral piece so that you can play it on your keyboard.
B816If you lead an instrument or choral group and have piano skills, convey your musical ideas to your group by playing the score reduction on a piano or keyboard.
B816If you compose, prepare the reduction as a "digest" of your score that a conductor can easily review.

prcarrow To prepare a piano reduction of an instrumental or choral score:

B816Use the Prepare Piano Reduction command in the Parts menu. Select the instrument and vocal parts you wish to merge into a piano reduction part.
B898If this newly created piano reduction has too many notes, delete the extra, unnecessary notes.
B898If you want to play a note in the right or left hand instead of the other, select it, and type SHIFT+UpArrowKey or SHIFT+DownArrowKey.