Reverting Grace Notes to Written-Out Notes

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Reverting Grace Notes to Written-Out Notes

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A grace note is a short-hand way of writing a brief note that precedes a longer note, as illustrated here:


You can convert a written-out short note to a displayed grace note, as described in Converting Short Notes to Grace Notes. You can also do the reverse, that is, convert a displayed grace note to a written-out short note.

prcarrow To convert one or more displayed grace notes to written-out short notes:

1.Select the grace notes.
2.Click the Convert Grace Note Back to Normal Note ConvertShortNoteToGraceNoteButton button.

-- OR --

Hit the BACKSPACE key.


prcarrow To completely delete a grace note and its performance:

1.Select the grace note.
2.Click the Delete Grace Note reverting_grace_notes_to1 button.


-- OR --

Hit the delkey key.