Reverting Ornaments to Written-Out Notes

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Reverting Ornaments to Written-Out Notes

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An ornament symbol is a short-hand way of writing out a performance of several short notes, such as illustrated for all of types of ornaments supported by Musician in the chart of ornament types.

You can convert a written-out (as-performed) ornament to a displayed ornament, as described in Converting Written-Out Performances to Ornaments. You can also do the reverse, that is, convert a displayed ornament to a written-out ornament, as described in this topic.

If you want to just temporarily view the written-out performance of an ornament, then turn off the View Ornaments and Grace Notes reverting_ornaments_to_w button in the Ornament Palette, as described in Viewing and the Written-Out Performance of Ornaments.

prcarrow To convert one or more displayed ornaments to written-out performances:

1.Select the ornament.
2.Click the Convert Ornament to Written-Out Performance reverting_ornaments_to_w1 button.

-- OR --

Hit the BACKSPACE key.