Saving Your Work in a Notation .not

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Saving Your Work in a Notation .not

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Notation Musician and Notation Composer use and share a proprietary music file format that includes not only MIDI performance data but also notation data. Normally, you should save the song in the Notation file format, used by Notation Software's Notation family of music software products. A Notation file has the .not filename extension.You can export the music performance of a song as a MIDI file, but this is only the performance and not the annotations you may have added.

Only Notation music software programs can read and write files in Notation Software's Notation .not file format.

NOTE: MIDI files contain almost no information about the notation of the music. If you wish to save your music notation and annotations, then you need to save it as a Notation .not file (preferred)  rather than export it as a MIDI .mid file.


prcarrow To save your work in a Notation .not file:

1.Choose the Save As command in the File menu.

Musician will present the File Save As dialog box.

You can change the default directory, if desired, by navigating to another directory and then setting a check mark by "Set directory as default".

2.Enter a file name, or use the same file name if you are certain that you want the newly saved file to replace the old. Musician will automatically add the Notation .not  file extension if you do not provide it at the end of the file name.