Showing and Hiding Types of Music Annotations

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Showing and Hiding Types of Music Annotations

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You can specify whether Musician should display (or print) versus hide any of the following types of music annotations:

B8chord names
B8rehearsal marks
B8instrument sound change symbols

Musician can show and hide different combinations of these types of music annotations for different parts. For example, you might want to show chord names only in a guitar part, but not in other parts.

prcarrow To show or hide all occurrences of one of the above types of music annotations:

1.Choose the Show or Hide Types of Objects command in the Format menu.

Musician will display the following Hide Types of Objects dialog box:


2.Under "Apply to which part arrangements?", choose whether the options will be applied to all parts or only to the currently selected part.
3.Set a check mark by the type of annotation(s) that you want to hide in the selected part(s).
4.If the part does not show chord names, and if you open the Hide Types of Objects dialog box and find that there is no check mark next to "Hide chord names", you might wonder why chord names are not displayed. This probably happens because Musician has not yet analyzed your song for chord names. If you want to analyze the chord names now, then set a check mark by "Transcribe chord names". When you click the OK button, Musician will close the Hide Types of Objects dialog box, and then take you to a second Chord Name Transcription dialog box. Follow the instructions in Transcribing Chord Names for selecting options in the Chord Name Transcription dialog box.