Using Rehearsal Marks as Editing Bookmarks

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Using Rehearsal Marks as Editing Bookmarks

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One normally thinks of rehearsal marks as a notation to help ensemble musicians refer to the same score location while rehearsing together. You can also use rehearsal marks, however, as your own private aid when you are preparing the score. You can use rehearsal marks as bookmarks for locations in the score that you are currently editing.

Add any number of bookmarks at different locations in the score where you are currently working. You can give relatively long names, to help you later recall the location. For example, if you are working on a musical, you might enter "Alice's Glance":


Later, to quickly return to the "Alice's Glance" bookmark in the score, type "qgr" for Quick Go to Rehearsal Mark, or choose that command in the View menu. Musician will display the Go To Rehearsal Mark dialog box as shown below. Select the rehearsal mark that you previously added as a bookmark.


Before you finalize your score, you can quickly go through it to remove your bookmarks.