Vertically Aligning Free Text

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Vertically Aligning Free Text

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Musician always vertically aligns chord names and rehearsal marks, thus saving you the effort of manually aligning them. The basic nature of free text objects is that you can freely place them anywhere in the score. Sometimes, however, you may want to vertically align multiple free text objects in a staff. For example, you might want to align tempo markings.

prcarrow To vertically align free text objects:

1.Select the multiple free text objects by dragging the mouse over them.

-- OR --

Select the first free text object with a mouse click, and select additional free text objects by holding down the SHIFT key as you select them.


Musician will automatically display the Free Text Palette.

2.In the Free Text Palette, click the Align Top Edges vertically_aligning_free or Align Bottom Edges vertically_aligning_free1 button.

-- OR --

Type CTRL+UpArrowKey or CTRL+DownArrowKey to align the top or bottom edges.