Associating Notation Musician with Compatible Filetypes

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Associating Notation Musician with Compatible Filetypes

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You can set up Windows to always use Musician to open a MIDI (.mid), NoteSoft (.not), or Karaoke (.kar) file when you open it from Windows Explorer, or download it using your favorite Internet browser.


prcarrow To associate Musician with compatible files:

1.In Windows Explorer, navigate to a .mid, .not, or .kar file on your computer.

2.Right-click on the filename, and select "Open with..." then "Choose default program" from the list.

3.Select Musician from the list, and set a checkmark for "Always use the selected program to open these files."

4.Click "Ok" to save and exit.


prcarrow To remove the association of Musician with specific types of files:

1.Follow the same procedure as above, but remove the check mark(s).
2.After you remove the association of Musician with the filetype, the next time you open one of these files Windows might ask you to choose which new program to associate with it. You should follow Windows instructions for making the new file association.



For internet browsers, you will need to follow the instructions for the particular browser to set Notation Musician as the default program to open compatible files.  These options are typically in "Options" or "Preferences", and are related to "Programs" or "Applications."