Chord Names

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Chord Names

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Notation Musician's  offers many tools for adding and editing chord names.  The Chord Name Palette is included in the Text tab palette.



With Musician, you can add chord names as simple as:


or as complex as:


Musician can also analyze the harmony in a song and automatically display chord names (transcribe chord names).


Musician will also show you any problems with chord names that may not be compatible with certain types of MIDI export.


The topics that follow provide detailed descriptions of various procedures for adding and editing chord names:

B8Adding and Editing Chord Names
B8Analyzing (transcribing) Chord Names
B8Advancing to the Next (or Previous Beat) While Editing Chord Names
B8Shifting Chord Names to the Right or Left
B8Formatting Chord Names
B8Temporarily Hiding or Permanently Removing Chord Names