Formatting Chord Names

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Formatting Chord Names

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You can change font style, size, and bold and italic attributes of chord names. You can also specify how certain types of chord names should be displayed, such as Cdim versus C-.

prcarrow To change the font type, size of the text, or to change it to bold or italics:

B8In the General Procedures for Editing Text, see the procedure for Selecting Font Type, Size, and Properties.

prcarrow To specify how diminished, augmented, and other types of chords are displayed:

1.With the mouse, navigate to the Chord Name Palette.

-- OR --

Type SHIFT+C. If the Clef Palette is displayed, type SHIFT+C a second time for the Chord Name Palette.

2.In the Chord Name Menu, choose the Chord Name Display Styles command.

    Musician will display the Chord Name Styles dialog box, as illustrated below:


3.For each of the types of chords, choose the way you want the chord to be displayed.
4.Click the Save As Default button if you wish the styles to be applied to all songs that you later create or import as MIDI files.
5.Click OK to apply the changes to the currently viewed score.

prcarrow Chord Name Verification

When saving a file, Musician can verify that chord names are valid for MIDI export.  If it is not, then the chord name will be displayed with brackets around like this "[Abm7912]".  You can either use the Chord Builder to fix such chord names, or you can turn off the feature by selecting "Disabled" as illustrated in the above screen shot if you do not need this verification for your work.