Adding and Editing Multiple Verses

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Adding and Editing Multiple Verses

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prcarrow To add a new verse in a line of lyrics below a staff:

1.Select the first lyric in the line.

Whichever verse of the lyric you clicked will be highlighted:


2.With a second mouse click, click any verse of the lyrics for the first note.

This will open a text editing area, and a blinking text caret will be display, as shown here:


3.Hit the DownArrowKey key until the text cursor is located in the last verse.


4.Hit the ENTER key to start the new verse.


5.Type in the text for the new lyric.

After you start the new verse on the first lyric of the line, you can continue adding the lyrics for the same verse below subsequent notes by hitting the Space or TAB key between each lyric. Musician will keep the text cursor in the same verse.