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With Musician, you can add lyrics to a song, with multiple verses (lines of text), such as illustrated below:


Musician automatically centers each word or syllable under the note to which it belongs.

Musician imports lyrics from MIDI and Karaoke files. You can quickly create a vocal part that combines lyrics with a melody, if the melody has its own staff. For more information, see Sing-Along Part. You can also quickly create a "fake book" lead sheet that includes the melody, chord names, and lyrics. See Fake Book Lead Sheet Part.

For several useful tips related to lyrics, see Preparing a Vocal Part.

The topics that follow describe various procedures for editing lyrics:

B8Adding and Editing Lyrics
B8Advancing to the Next or Previous Lyric
B8Adding and Editing Multiple Verses
B8Lyric Hyphen and Melisma Characters
B8Copying and Pasting Lyrics
B8Correcting the Misalignment of Lyrics with Notes
B8Editing Lyrics Using an External Text Editor
B8Working with Karaoke (.kar) Files
B8Hiding Lyrics