Editing the Slash on Grace Note Stems

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Editing the Slash on Grace Note Stems

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A grace note can be displayed with or without a slash through the stem:


Usually grace notes are displayed with a slash through the stem, which is the default for Musician. You can remove the slash on any grace note, or for many grace notes at a time. For some periods (styles) of music, and for some interpretations of the performance of grace notes, the presence or absence of a slash in the stem may have significance. There are different opinions among musicians and sheet music publishers about the use of grace note stem slashes. Musician does not attempt to musically interpret the presence or absence of a slash in the grace note stem. Rather, Musiciansimply offers you the option to include (by default) or not include the slash, as you prefer.

prcarrow To add or remove a slash from the stem of an existing grace note:

1.Select the grace note.
2.Click the slash editing_the_slash_on_gra or no slash editing_the_slash_on_gra1 button in the Grace Note Palette.

-- OR --

Type "g/" or "gn/" for slash or no slash.