Editing and Transcribing Tremolos

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Editing and Transcribing Tremolos

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A tremolo is the rapid repeating of notes. The tremolo can repeat a single note or chord. Or, it can repeat back and forth between two different notes, or between two different chords. If the tremolo repeats for a single note or chord, then it is notated with angular slashes through the stem. If the tremolo alternates between two notes or chords, then broken beams are displayed between the notes or chords, as shown below.


In the Ornament Palette, the buttons for the two types of tremolos look like this:

editing_tremelos and editing_tremelos1

The following general procedures apply to the editing of tremolos:

B816Converting Written-Out Performances to Ornaments.
B816Reverting Ornaments to Written-Out Performances.
B816Deleting an Ornament.
B816Viewing and the Written-Out Performance of Ornaments.

Musician can automatically transcribe tremolos when it imports a MIDI file, or transcribes your performance at the music keyboard.

prcarrow To automatically transcribe tremolos in an imported MIDI file:

B816Before you open the MIDI file, click the Transcription Options button in the File Open dialog box. Musician will present the Transcription Options dialog box, In the Transcription Options dialog box, turn on the check mark for Transcribe Ornaments / Tremelos. For further details, see Transcribing MIDI Files to Notation.