Forcing a System Break or Page Break

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Forcing a System Break or Page Break

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A system break forces a new system (line of measures) to start at a specified measure. A page break forces a new page to start at a specified measure.

prcarrow To add a system break:

1.Navigate to the Page Layout palette.

-- OR --

Type SHIFT+P. If this takes you to the Page Text Palette instead, type SHIFT+P a second time to go to the Page Layout Palette.

Musician will display the score in Page Layout View.

2.Click the System Break PageLayoutSystemBreakButton button in the Page Layout Palette.

-- OR --

Choose the System Break command in the Layout Menu.

-- OR --

Type "sb" for System Break.

3.Click anywhere in the measure that you want to push to the beginning of a new system.


prcarrow To remove a previously added system break:

1.Enter Page Layout view, as above.
2.You will automatically be in Select mode.
3.Click the mouse cursor somewhere on the "system break" text in Page Layout View.

The "system break" text will be displayed in the color blue, as shown:


4.Hit the DEL key.

-- OR --

Click the Default PageLayoutDefaultButton button.

prcarrow To add a page break:

B816Follow the same procedure as the one above for adding a system break, except:

Cick the Page Break PageLayoutPageBreakButton button instead of the System Break button.

-- OR --

Choose the Page Break command in the Layout Menu.

-- OR --

Type "pb" for Page Break.

The page break will look like this at the top of the new page: