General Method for Adding, Changing, and Deleting Objects

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General Method for Adding, Changing, and Deleting Objects

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TIP:  With version 4 and going forward Musician operates under SmartMode, which means that you will not typically have to bother with changing from "Add" mode to "Select" mode or vice versa to do your work. Musician will automatically switch to the proper mode for you to do what you need to do, depending on where the cursor is on the score and what tool palette is open.    You don't have to do anything - SmartMode is on by default.


In general, there are three things you can do with any type of musical object or symbol, such as a note or dynamic mark. You can add, change, or delete it.

The general procedures for accomplishing each of these three tasks in Musician are outlined below.

Note that some editing operations, such as copy and paste, are based not on selected objects but on selected regions of the score such as a range of measures in one or more staves. For details, see Selecting and Editing Regions of a Score.

prcarrow To add an object:

1.        Choose the type of object you want to add from a palette. Use the mouse to navigate through the palettes, or type the SHIFT key plus the letter for the palette, such as SHIFT+D for the Dynamic Mark Palette.  The cursor shape will change to general_method_for_addin1  with a specific "dongle" to show you what you are adding.

2.        Move the cursor to where you want to add the object and click the mouse.

This procedure for adding objects is described in more detail in the topic Adding Objects Using Palettes.

prcarrow To change an object:

1.Click on the object you want to change.

The palette and the Object Menu will be updated to offer you editing options specific to the type of object you have selected. A selected object is highlighted in blue.

2.Choose options in the palette or Object Menu to change the properties of the selected object.

The procedure for changing objects is described in more detail in the topic Changing Object Properties Using Palettes.

prcarrow To delete an object:

1.Click the object you want to change. The selected object will be highlighted in blue.
2.Hit the DelKey key.