Selecting and Editing Regions of the Score

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Selecting and Editing Regions of the Score

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Editing a score usually involves adding, selecting, modifying, and deleting objects, such as notes and lyrics. However, some methods of editing a scoreare based on selecting a region of the score. A region may cover a range of measures and beats, and a range of one or more adjacent staves.

Musician displays a light blue background for the currently selected region, as illustrated below:

prcarrow To select a region of the score:

Method 1

1.In the main toolbar, click the Region Select Mode button.


-- OR --

Quikcly double right-click the mouse anywhere in the score.

2.While holding down the mouse button, drag the mouse from the start to the end of the region you wish to select.

Method 2

1.Hold down the CTRL key.
2.While holding down the CTRL key, point the mouse at the beginning of the region, and press down on the left mouse button.
2.While holding down both the CTRL key and the mouse button, drag the mouse to the intended end of the region.
3.Release the mouse button and the CTRL key.

Method 3

B8Choose the Select Region command in the Region menu. It will present the following dialog box, in which you can enter the range of measures and beats for the selection, and the range of staves:


prcarrow To select the entire score (all of the measures in all of the staves):

B8Choose the Select All command in the Edit menu.

-- OR --

B8Type CTRL+A.

prcarrow To remove the region selection:

B8Hit the ESC key.

prcarrow To extend the region selection:

1.If you wish to extend the region to another page of the score, use the Page Down key to go to that page.
2.If the Region Select Mode RegionSelectModeButton button in the main toolbar is selected, then hold down the Shift key and click where you want the region to be extended to.
-- OR --
Hold down both the CTRL and Shift keys.
-- OR --
While holding down the mouse button and CTRL key, drag the mouse to the intended end of the region. Then release the mouse button and CTRL key.

prcarrow To select the entire range of one or more adjacent staves:

B8Click the Select Staff button among the staff controls to select one staff. While holding down the SHIFT key, click another staff to select it and all of the other staves between it and the first selected staff. For details, see Select Staff.

Once you have selected a region, many commands in the Region and Edit menus are available. For example, you can Remove Inaudible Notes in a Selected Region, or Remove Rests Smaller Than a rest duration that you specify.