Go to a Rehearsal Mark

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Go to a Rehearsal Mark

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You can add any number of rehearsal marks in a score, as described in Rehearsal Marks. Rehearsal marks help ensemble musicians to easily refer to locations in a score during rehearsals. You can also use rehearsal marks as bookmarks while you are composing or editing the song. Once you have added a rehearsal mark, you can quickly go to it from wherever you are in the score.

prcarrow To go to a previously added rehearsal mark:

1.Choose the Go To command in the View menu, and Rehearsal Mark in the Go To submenu.

    -- OR --

    Type "qgr" for Quick Go to Rehearsal Mark.

    Musician will display the Go To Rehearsal Mark dialog box.

2.In the dialog box, select the rehearsal mark that you want to go to.