Navigating through Musician and the Score

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Navigating through Musician and the Score

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The previous section of this Musician documentation describes how you can download from the Internet, open, view, print, and play MIDI files or previously created Notation .not files. You can accomplish those tasks without needing to understand details about how Musician's window, menus, toolbar, and palettes are arranged.

After you have gained some experience and enjoyment viewing and playing existing MIDI files, you will likely want to start editing them. To edit music in Musician, you will need to understand how Musician's window is basically arranged.

If you like to "learn by doing", then you will probably have success learning how Musician works by simply exploring on your own the menus, the toolbar, and the palette. There is little harm you can do by exploring Musician this way. If you ever accidentally delete or change part of the score, you can always undo the change. Musician offers multiple-level undo, that goes back for as many operations as can be held in your computer's memory.

Alternatively, if you like to learn by reading first, then read this introductory section. It provides an overview of all of the parts of Musician 's window, and details about how to navigate through a score.

This section is organized as follows:

Parts of the Musician Window

Showing and Hiding Parts of the Window



Play Buttons

Metronome Button

Tempo and Volume Controls

Zoom-In and Zoom-Out Buttons

Mouse Mode Buttons: Add, Select

Show/Hide Palette Button

Where Are All of the Buttons?


Keyboard Commands

Executing Commands from Your MIDI Keyboard

Window View and Page View

Staff Control Buttons

Play, Mute, or Solo Staff

Instrument Sound Selection

Select Staff

Scrolling, Resizing and Zooming the Window

Scrolling the Window

Automatic Scrolling During Playback

Resizing the Window

Zooming the Window

Navigating through Pages of the Score

View Range of Measures

First Page, Next Page, Previous Page, and Last Page

Go to a Measure or Page

Go to Rehearsal Mark