Renaming a Device

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Renaming a Device

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When you assign instrument sounds to staves, you refer to the name of the device, a MIDI bank on the device (or "General MIDI"), and a MIDI program (instrument) patch. In assigning the instrument sounds to a staff, you will refer to device names rather than Windows port names. You cannot change the names that Windows uses for the MIDI ports, which are generally awkward to read, but you can change the names of devices so that the names make sense to you.

When Musician initially detects a MIDI port, Musician creates a "placeholder" device that is "connected" to the port. Musician assigns that placeholder device the same name as the port (such as " SB Live! External MIDI") to which is connected, or with which it is associated. You can change the name of the device to something like "Keyboard", or perhaps "Casio", to reflect the specific manufacturer and model of your keyboard or external MIDI sound module.

prcarrowTo rename the external MIDI device:

1.In the Setup menu, choose the MIDI Device Configuration command.

-- OR --

Type "qdc" for Quick Device Configuration.

Musician will display the MIDI Device Configuration Window.

2.Select the device by clicking its name in the window.
3.In the Device menu, choose Properties.

Musician will present the Device Properties dialog box.

4.Change the Device Name in the Device Properties dialog.
5.Hit the OK button to complete the task.