Removing a Device

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Removing a Device

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Removing a device normally removes it only from the current configuration. If it is present in other configurations, it will remain in those configurations. If it is no longer present in other configurations, then Musician will offer you the option to delete the description altogether.

prcarrowTo remove a device from a MIDI device configuration:

1.Open the MIDI Device Configuration Window by choosing the MIDI Device Configuration command from the Setup menu.

-- OR --

Type "qdc" for Quick Device Configuration.

2.Select the device by clicking its name in the window.
3.In the Device menu, choose the Remove from Configuration command.

    -- OR --

    Hit the DEL key.

4.If the device is no longer present in any other configurations, Musician will ask you whether you want to delete the device permanently. Respond with "no" if you anticipate possibly using the device description later in another configuration.