Scrolling the Window

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Scrolling the Window

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Musician displays a horizontal and/or vertical scrollbar along the right and bottom edges of the window if the page does not fully fit within the window.

prcarrow To scroll the current page displayed in the window:

B816If there is a vertical scrollbar, hit the PAGEDOWN or PAGEUP key to scroll the window by almost the full height of the window. Alternatively, click the mouse cursor in an empty area of the scrollbar.

-- OR --

B816To scroll by smaller amounts, move the horizontal or vertical scrollbar button with the mouse.

-- OR --

B816If your mouse has a scroll wheel, scroll it up or down to scroll the window vertically.

-- OR --

B816Type CTRL + DownArrowKey, CTRL + UpArrowKey, CTRL + RightArrowKey, or CTRL + LeftArrowKey to scroll the window down, up, left, or right by relatively small increments.

prcarrow To continue scrolling to the next or previous page:

B816Hit the PAGEDOWN or PAGEUP key for the next or previous page.

-- OR --

B816When you reach the bottom of a page, click the bottom vertical scroll button scrolling_the_window; or when you reach the top of the page, click the top vertical scroll button.

-- OR --

B816If your mouse has a scroll wheel, continue scrolling it up or down to scroll the window vertically.

Musician will hesitate for about a half second between each page, so that you do not unintentionally overshoot the next page.

prcarrow To advance to the top of the next or previous page, without scrolling through the rest of the current page:

B816Type SHIFT+PAGEDOWN for the next page, or SHIFT+PAGEUP for the previous page.

Also see Navigating through Pages of the Score.