Sing-Along Part

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Sing-Along Part

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You can quickly prepare a Sing-Along part, which is formatted for easy sight-reading of a Karaoke part (with notes) or vocal part off the screen from a distance of about 2 yards or meters. The Sing-Along Part includes the lyrics and melody notes, which are displayed in a large font size.

You can manually prepare a Sing-Along part in several steps, that include using: the Select Part command, the Split Melody and Accompaniment command; merging a lyrics staff with a melody staff; the Transcribe Chord Names command; and changing the font size of the notes and lyrics. But it is a lot easier to do this with the Prepare Sing-Along Part command in the Part menu.

prcarrow To prepare a Sing-Along part:

1.Choose the Prepare Sing-Along Part command in the Part menu.

This will take you to Step 1 of 5 of the Part Preparation Wizard. The part type will be pre-selected to Sing-Along Part.

2. Follow the instructions for the wizard Steps 2 through 5 in the Part Preparation Wizard.