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About Notation Software

Making software for everyday musicians since 1994.

Today Notation Software is a privately held company legally located in Germany with the legal name "Notation Software Germany".

In 1994 Mark Walsen, a software professional with a passion for music, founded Notation Software as Notation Software, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington (in the Pacific Northwest of the United States), a center for technology and the arts.
In 2013 the ownership was transferred to the legal German company "Notation Software Germany".

For more information regarding the transfer please see the announcement of the transfer from February 27, 2013.

Notation Software Germany is located in Utting am Ammersee, Germany (in Bavaria near Munich). The CEO and President is Dr. Reinhold Hoffmann, a software professional in international software business, musician and a long-time user of the product suite of Notation Software.

Our Mission:
To support everyday musicians in their enjoyment, performance and creation of music.

Notation Software is highly focused on supporting everyday musicians with notation-based software. What differentiates Notation Software's products from competitive products is not a list of dozens or hundreds of features. Rather, Notation Software's products are different from competitive products based simply on who our products are for: everyday musicians.

Notation Software's priorities are based on our customers. When we are weighing a decision whether to add an advanced notation feature for avant garde composers versus simplifying basic tasks to make the software more pleasurable and easy-to-use for everyday musicians, it's a very easy decision: we put our effort into supporting the everyday musician.

The price of our products is essential for us. Our products offer a feature richness which competitive products only offer at a high price. Because of the effective cost structure of our company, we are able to provide advantages to our customers which they would have to pay much more for if they used one of our competitor's products.

Our focus on the everyday musician is reflected not only in the accessibility of our products but also the accessibility of our support, and a community of everyday musicians from all over the world. Notation Software's excellent support extends beyond answering technical questions about the use of our products. Like our customers, we are also everyday musicians. We join in with other everyday musicians in our forum to warmly encourage each other in our music making efforts.

For more legal information on Notation Software Germany please visit our imprint page.