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Video Tours of Notation Musician and Notation Composer

See what Notation Musician and Notation Composer can do for you to help you accomplish your musical goals.

Convert MIDI files to sheet music (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
Download any of hundreds of thousands of MIDI files on the Internet and convert them to high quality sheet music.

Practice "partner" to improve your music skills (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
Take your musical skills to a new level using the special Practice Session features.

Learn to read sheet music notation (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
Watch the notes highlight as the music plays, display pitch names in the noteheads, and other helps for learning to read sheet music.

Prepare, format and print special parts (Notation Musician and Notation Composer)
Prepare multiple parts from the same score - single instruments, Fake Book sheets, piano reductions, chord charts - and many more.

Create, edit and arrange sheet music (Notation Composer)
Edit and/or add notes, copy and paste sections, annotate the score, and edit the performance of the sound to match.

Write your music with less effort (Notation Composer)
Use templates to get started, record freely using a MIDI keyboard, use Step-time recording, or a mouse to capture your musical musings.

Fine-tune how it sounds (Notation Composer)
Composer's integrated MIDI performance editing shows you the performance graphs superimposed on the score, for fine tuning the score and sound exactly as you see and hear it.


We also have a growing series of Tutorial Videos available to help you get going quickly and show you some tips and tricks to get the most out of your software!