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How can I share my music with my friends who don't have my Notation program?

To share your music with friends (eg. send them a song file via email, or post your music on your website), there are a few different options, depending on what you want to do.

1. If you would like your friends to see and hear your compositions, you can point them to download our free Notation Player from
https://www.notation.com/DownloadNotationPlayer.php Notation Player will allow your friends to see the score just as you do, and to play the file so they can see the notes  highlight as they play.

2. If you only want them to hear the music, then in Notation Composer or Notation Musician you can use File/Export...MIDI and export a .mid file which they can use on any media player (eg. iTunes or Windows Media Player, etc.)

3. With Notation Composer you can use File/Export. . . Audio and export an audio file to share with your friends (.mp3, .flac, .ogg) which they can listen to on many different devices.

4. In addition to an audio file you can export a PDF file of the according part which your friend is interested in.

Of course you can also tell them how good Notation Software products are, and persuade them to buy their own copy - we appreciate your support!