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How can I redownload my purchased copy of Notation Musician or Notation Composer software?

If you wish to transfer your version license to a different machine please use the self-help page at https://www.notation.com/UpgradeOrder.php enter your email address and follow the directions. This request page will then send you an email form to fill out and return to us via email.
If you need reinstall your software following a hard drive crash or such, you can do that using the safe backup that you should have saved to an external medium such as an external hard drive or thumb drive.
For details on backing up your software (in case of catastrophic failures) or restoring your software (in case of unintentional uninstallations) please see https://www.notation.com/ComposerDocs4/installing_midinotate.htm (for Composer) or https://www.notation.com/MusicianDocs4/installing_midinotate.htm (for Musician).

If you have a version 3 license and want to transfer your license to a new machine, before finalizing that decision, please be aware of the following items:

- if you have a new machine with Windows 11 or macOS higher than macOS Catalina, version 3 will not work. You will need an upgrade to version 4 of the software. You can purchase an upgrade by visiting our page at https://www.notation.com/UpgradeOrder.php

- a v3 license transfer is only valid for an existing v3 license. A new license number will be issued for the transferred license.

- a v3 license transfer costs a service fee of approximately $20 USD. This transfer fee will be in effect until Dec. 31st, 2023. Afterwards a redownload is not supported any longer.

If you are sure you wish to purchase a version 3 license transfer, please let us know via the Contact page at https://www.notation.com/KB_Communication.php