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How do I download my purchased copy of Notation software?

When you order any Notation product, you will be sent an email with instructions for downloading your specific registered licensed installation file of the software.

If you ordered a Notation product more than 30 minutes ago, and have not yet received an order confirmation, there are a few reasons you might not have received it.

1. Manual review - The most common reason is that your order requires a manual review for a credit card fraud check. This check is to protect you from fraudulent use of your credit card, and does not mean you are trying to commit fraud.

2. Incorrect email address - If you accidentally typed in your email address incorrectly when you ordered your Notation product, we will have delivered your order confirmation to the wrong address. Please contact us (support@notation.com) to let us know so that your email address can be corrected. Our system gives us an alert in case of an invalid email address but it is hard for us to reach you where ever you live in the world.

3. Malware filtering - Another reason is that you may not have received the emails is due to spam filtering or malware protection software settings.

On confirmation of your order payment, you should receive up to three separate emails. One is a receipt from our reseller (only if you ordered through a reseller) or Notation Software, one is a "link free" email from Notation Software thanking you for your purchase, and the third is the email that contains your download link and other useful links. Sometimes emails will be blocked by spam filters or by a setting on your computer's malware protection software (Avira, MacAfee, etc.) especially for those containing links for executable files (eg. the installation file for your Notation software product). If you use Gmail or other web-based email providers, the emails may be in your "Junk" or "Spam" or "Advertisement" folder. Please check these folders, and/or change your program settings to allow email from @notation.com . If you still cannot find the email with the download link, please contact us via our webform at https://www.notation.com/KB_Communication.php