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Why won't my MIDI keyboard read the MIDI I saved from Musician or Composer?

All Notation products save MIDI files in MIDI File Format Type 1. Some MIDI keyboards only read Type 0 format .mid files.
You can fairly easy work around this problem by using a free MIDI utility that converts MIDI File Format Type 1 to Type 0, as follows:

1. Download the program named GN1.0 (file name gn1to0.zip)
fromĀ http://www.gnmidi.com/gnfreeen.htm

2. Unzip the downloaded file from GN1:0 in a permanent directory
in which you wish to save the program.

3. Run the unzipped exe program

4. In the GN1to0 program, use the File / Open command to
open the MIDI file that you saved in your MidiNotate or Notation product.

5. Click the '0' button in the toolbar of GN1to0. This will
immediately convert the MIDI file from Format Type 1 to
Format Type 0.

6. Use the File / Save As command to save the newly
converted file. Save it on a floppy disk if you want
to immediately carry the MIDI file to your MIDI keyboard.