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How to take a screen shot.

Sometimes we find it helpful to see a "screen shot" of a problem that you are reporting. This is a picture of what you see on your computer screen.  There are many software programs that are available for taking screen shots.

If we ask you to take a screen shot and you do not have a dedicated software application for doing so, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure the "problem" window is in front of other windows.
2. While holding down Ctrl and Shift, hit the PrintScreen button.
3. Click the Start button at the bottom left corner of the screen. A menu will be displayed.
4. In the menu, choose All Programs / Accessories / Paint to run the Paint program.
5. In the Paint program, choose the Paste command (in the Edit menu on older systems).
6. In the Paint program, use the Save As command in the File menu to save the file in a directory that you will remember. Give the file a ".jpg" filetype.
7. In your reply email, include the above saved .jpg file as an email attachment.