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My download link doesn't work and I get a "validation" error.

If you have received your download link via email, but you get an error message that says "The final validation of your redownload of the Notation Software product has failed", then the problem is likely to be that your email program's font has replace the "ampersand" character (&) with a group of characters "&".

Please check your download link text.  If you see the characters "amp;" in your download link, please do the following:

1. click-drag your cursor across the link text (from "http" to the last group of three characters) in the email you received to select it.
2. Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + C" to copy that text to the computer clipboard.
3. Now click in the URL field of your browser (where the "http" address of webpages appears)
4. Use the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + V" to paste the clipboard text into the url field.
5. Click-drag your mouse cursor across the "amp;" text
6. Press the "Delete" key on your keyboard to remove those characters.
7. Now press the "Enter" button on your keyboard, and the download should start.

Another reason could be that you already clicked to the download link and the software was downloaded already. Please check your Downloads folder where a browser usually saves downloads.

If you are still having a problem please contact us at https://www.notation.com/KB_Communication.php