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Why will MidiNotate's Harmony font not embed in PDF files?

Please note that this article is for customers of the original MidiNotate product. This issue has since been resolved for Notation products.

MidiNotate's HARMONY_.TTF font file was incorrectly created with a "no embedding" property. For some PDF creation tools, such as Adobe's Acrobat, this prevents the PDF from including MidiNotate's music font. Thus, the recipient of the PDF file would need to also be provided a copy of the HARMONY_.TTF file and install the font on his system.

This problem has been fixed with a version of the HARMONY_.TFF file, which you can download and install on your system as follows:
Download the HARMONY_.TTF font file by clicking "Harmony Font File" under "Attachments" on the right side of this window.

Right-click the Start button at the lower, left corner of the screen, and choose Settings / Control Panel.

In the Control Panel, choose the Fonts folder.

In the Fonts folder, select the current Harmony font and delete it.

Choose the Install New Font command in the File menu, and select the HARMONY_.TTF file from the directory to which you downloaded the file.