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My MIDI Device is not showing up

Please note that this issue has been fixed in version 3.0.2 of our software.  The following applies only to previous versions. 

For previous versions of Notation Software products, please try the following.

If your MIDI device is not showing up in Setup-> MIDI Device Configuration, first make sure that you have installed the specific driver for the device rather than just the "generic" Windows driver.  You may need to visit the manufacturer's website to find the correct driver for your device and computer system.

If updating the driver does not work, then please try the following:

1. Turn your MIDI device on.
2. Run your Notation Software program (Notation Musician or Notation Composer)
3. Click Setup -> MIDI Device Configuration -> Config -> Initialize.  This forces the program to look for and detect all open MIDI devices on or connected to your computer.

If the above steps still do not detect your MIDI device, please install the folllowing free 3rd party MIDI device manager from http://sierrahelp.com/Utilities/SoundUtilities/PutzlowitschsVistaMIDI_Mapper.html

After installing the Putzlowitsch MIDI Mapper tool, use it to select your MIDI device as the default MIDI device for your computer.  This should force your computer to use it when using Notation Musician or Notation Composer.