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Notation stalls/freezes when I first open a file

The first thing to try is to manually install the Harmony . ttf font into the c:\windows\fonts folder.  On some machines the font does not install properly and can cause the "freezing" issue.
You can download the font directly using the following link http://www.notation.com/download/HARMONY_.TTF
If that does not work for you, then please review the following.
The following problem and fix has been found by a user running Notation Software on an Acer Vista 64 OEM installation on a Acer X1700 PC, Q8200 CPU, 4GB ram.
Also this problem and fix has been verified on this particular Acer OEM Vista64 system only it might apply to other Acer OEM Windows installations and systems too. 

If you encounter the problem that Notation Software stalls/freezes when running for the very first time after system (re-)boot but all works fine after you have canceled and restarted Notation Software in the same session, then this might be related to an interference/incompatibility with Acer OEM Vista software installation and a process named "PCMMediaSharing.exe".

(A) Verify the issue
If you run Vista64 Acer OEM, please check first if "PCMMediaSharing.exe" is running on your system.
1) To open the Windows task manager, right click on the taskbar and choose task manager from the context popup menu.
2) Click on the tab "processes" and search for "PCMMediaSharing.exe". To easier find that, sort the process list by name via clicking on the names header column.
(B) Check if the fix is working
If you find "PCMMediaSharing.exe" running on your Acer system you can try the following fix:
3) Reboot your machine
4) Do NOT run Notation software before you have eliminated "PCMMediaSharing.exe".
5) Open the task manager again as described in steps 1-2) and locate "PCMMediaSharing.exe".
6) Right click on it and choose "terminate process" or "terminate process structure".
7) Check if "PCMMediaSharing.exe" disappears from the list.
8) Close task manager (optional step).
9) Start Notation Software and check if loading files work proper now.