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The internal browser shows the error "The page cannot be displayed". What do I do?

Please note that this article refers to older versions of our software. With the advent of so many choices of browsers now, we discontinued the inclusion of an internal browser.
If you use the File menu's Browse Internet for MIDI Files command, or the front panel's Search Internet for MIDI Files option, MidiNotate's internal Internet browser might report:
"The page cannot be displayed"

and it will display the follow web page location:


This is a known bug in version 1.1.6 of MidiNotate Composer and MidiNotate Musician. You can determine whether you are using version 1.1.6 by using the About MidiNotate command in MidiNotate's Help menu.

This bug was fixed in version 1.1.7 of MidiNotate Composer and Musician.
The current Notation series of the software does not have this problem.