Adding Notes

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Adding Notes

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The overall purpose of Musician is to convert MIDI files to sheet music. Musician supports certain song-wide editing of the music, such as transposing pitches. Musician does not support detailed editing of the MIDI file, such as adding notes and changing their pitches.


If you would like to create music from scratch, or more extensively modify (rearrange) existing MIDI files, then we encourage you to try out Notation Composer.  With Notation Composer, you can:

Create music from scratch.

Add  instrument staves to existing song (MIDI) files.

Add notes and change their pitches.

Change the exact timing and loudness of individual notes, or groups of notes.

Fully edit any of the music performance (MIDI) with musician-friendly tools that work together with score editing.

For more information about Notation Composer , see Comparison Between Notation Composer and Notation Musician or visit