Selecting, Editing and Deleting Notes

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Selecting, Editing and Deleting Notes

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Musician offers convenient tools for editing the many details of notes in a score.

This section is organized as follows:

B8Alternative Methods for Selecting Notes
B8Selecting Notes and Advancing to the Next (or Previous) Note
B8Automatically Playing Notes When Selected
B8Deleting Notes
B8Removing Silent Notes
B8Editing Note Pitch
B88va Octaves
B8Editing Accidentals (Sharp, Flat, etc.)
B8Editing the Rhythms of Notes

Editing Note Location (Attack)

Editing Note Duration

Editing Triplets and Quintuplets

Editing Swing Notation

B8Editing Accent Marks
B8Editing Beams
B8Editing Ties
B8Editing Note Voice (Stem Direction)
B8Editing Drum Notes
B8Editing Notehead Shape