Aligning Page Text

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Aligning Page Text

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You can align a page text object horizontally with the left or right margin of the page, or the center of the page. You can also align multiple page text objects vertically at their top or bottom edges.

prcarrow To align a page text object horizontally at the right, left, or center of the page:

1.In the View menu, select the Page View command so that you can view the page text.

-- OR --

Type "qpv" for Quick Page View.

2.Select a page text object.

Musician will display the Page Text Palette.


3.Click one of the page alignment buttons in the Page Text Palette.

-- OR --

Type CTRL+LeftArrowKey, CTRL+M (middle), or CTRL+RightArrowKey to align the page text object with the left, center, or right side of the page.

prcarrow To align two or more page text objects vertically:

1.Select the two or more page text objects you wish to align  by click-dragging across them to select them.
2.In the Page Text Palette, click the Align Top Edge aligning_page_text or Align Bottom Edge aligning_page_text1 button.

-- OR --

Type CTRL+UpArrowKey or CTRL+DownArrowKey to align the top or bottom edges.