Determining What Pages Show the Page Text

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Determining What Pages Show the Page Text

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You can specify which of the following pages show the page text: all pages, the first page only, right pages only, left pages only, or all pages except the first page. These options are convenient for distinguishing title text on the first page, and header and footer text on subsequent pages.


NOTE: The options described here refer to "left" and "right" pages. You can determine whether the first page of the score part starts on a left or right page with the Page Setup command in the Format menu. In the Page Setup dialog box, set a check mark or not for "Odd-numbered pages on left".

prcarrow To specify which pages of the score should show a given page text object:

1.If Musician is not already in Page View, then choose the Page View command in the View menu.

-- OR --

Type "qpv" for Quick Page View.

2.Select the page text object.

Musician will display the Page Text Palette. Depending on whether you are viewing the first page, a left page, or a right page of the score part, the Page Text Palette will offer these options:



3.Click one of the Page Text Palette buttons, as shown above.

-- OR --

B8Type CTRL+1 for first page only.
B8Type CTRL+A for all pages.
B8Type CTRL+2 for all pages except the first page.
B8Type CTRL+L for all left pages except the first.
B8Type CTRL+R for all right pages except the first.

After you change the page side option,Musician might change the currently viewed page. For example, if you change the setting for some page text from "display on left pages only" to "display on right pages only", Musician will automatically turn to the next or previous page so that you will still see the same page text, but now on its newly assigned page.

The page side options do not include an option to display the page text on every left-only or right-only page, including the first page. There is a presumption here that the first page is formatted differently with a page title. If that presumption is incorrect, then you can add a duplicate page text item for the first page.