Jumping to or Previewing Another Location in the Song During Playback

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Jumping to or Previewing Another Location in the Song During Playback

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While the song is playing back, you can immediately jump to another location in the song by clicking the mouse elsewhere on the same page or on another page.  This action also causes playback to proceed from the point where you clicked.

Alternatively, during playback you can preview another page in the score without disrupting the current playback. Use the Next Page or Previous Page commands of the Page menu, or hit the PAGEDOWN or PAGEUP keys. Playback will continue uninterrupted, without changing its song position. This feature is intended to offer you the opportunity to look ahead (or behind) in the score, without having to commit to a decision to change where the song is currently playing.

If you then click somewhere on the currently displayed page, playback will immediately jump to that position.

When you click on a page during playback, the staff focus will also change. If you want to change the playback position in the song without changing the staff focus, then hold down the 'P' click when you click the mouse.

If you do not click anywhere after moving to another page,Musician will, after a few seconds, return to the page that is currently playing.