Playing the Song

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Playing the Song

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With Musician you can play back a song while viewing the score on the screen. Musician highlights notes as they are played, and automatically turns pages.

This section describes:

B817Playback Location and Staff Markers
B817Starting and Stopping Playback
B817Fast Forwarding
B817Setting Up the Metronome
B817Changing the Song Position During Playback
B817Setting the Focus on a Staff During Playback
B817Anticipating Page Turns
B817Playing or Ignoring Repeats and Endings
B817Highlighting Active Notes and Lyrics
B817Turning Off Stuck Notes
B817Viewing and Adjusting the Tempo
B817Controlling Overall Volume Level
B817Muting and Soloing Staves
B817Adjusting the Volume of Selected Staves During Playback

In another section, see also:

B817Changing the Instrument Sound of a Staff.Changing
B817Using Playlists (Jukebox)