Copying and Pasting Text

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Copying and Pasting Text

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You can use the Windows clipboard to copy text from one text object in Musician to another, or to copy text between a text object in Musician and text that you edit in an external text editor, such as Windows NotePad.

For lyrics, you can copy multiple lyrics and verses at a time, as described in Copying and Pasting Lyrics. You can also use an external editor to prepare lyrics and then paste them into a score, as described in Editing Lyrics Using an External Text Editor.

prcarrow To copy text from one object to another:

1.Click the text object you want to copy.

The text will be highlighted in blue. Do not click the text object a second time to "open" it for editing.

2.Copy the text to the Windows clipboard by using the Copy command in the Edit menu.

-- OR --

Type CTRL + C.

3.Enter Add Mode.
4.Click the mouse where you want to add the new text object.

In the score, a blue box and a blinking caret inside it will be displayed, indicating where you could start typing text.

5.Paste text from the Windows clipboard into the new text object by using the Paste command in the Edit menu.

-- OR --

Type CTRL + V.