Deleting Measures

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Deleting Measures

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You can delete one or more measures with the Remove Measures command in the Measure menu.

Beat zero of the first measure of a MIDI file typically contains MIDI data that must be transmitted at the start of the song. If you delete the first measure, or a range of measures starting at the first measure, Musician will move this data to the new first measure of the score.

prcarrow To delete one or more measures:

1.Optionally, select a range of measures that you wish to delete. Select the measures by holding down the CTRL key and dragging the mouse across them.
2In the Measure menu, choose the Remove Measures command.

    -- OR --

    Type "qrm" or "qdm" for Quick Remove Measures or Quick Delete Measures.

    Musician will present a Remove Measures dialog box.

3In the Remove Measures dialog box, specify the measure number of the first measure to be deleted, and the number of measures to be removed. If you selected a range of measures in step #1, the values in the dialog box will be pre-selected.
4.Click the OK button to commit the deletion of the measures.