Deleting Staves

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Deleting Staves

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In Musician you can either delete a staff or temporarily hide a staff. If you delete a staff, it is permanently removed from the song. If you save the song as a MIDI file or Notation file, the deleted staff will not be included in the file.

In contrast, if you "hide" a staff, it is only temporarily removed from the current part. If you save the song as a MIDI file or Notation file, the hidden staff will also be saved. If the MIDI file is later reopened, the hidden staff will displayed again.

prcarrow To delete a staff:

1.Select a staff by clicking the Select Staff StaffControlSelect button.
2.Choose the Delete command in the Staff menu.

    -- or --

    Type "qds" for Quick Delete Staff.

    Musician will display the Delete Staff dialog box.

3.Select a staff in the Delete Staff dialog box.  To select a set of adjacent staves, hold down the SHIFT key as you click a second staff name.  To select non-adjacent staves, hold down the CTRL key as you click the staff names.

-- OR --

1.Choose the Staff Setup command from the Staff menu.

    -- or --

    Type "qsus" for Quick Set Up Staves.

    Musician will display the Staff Setup window with a list of staves.

2.In the left-most column of the staff list, click the number of the staff you wish to delete. This will highlight the row of information for that staff.
3.Click the Delete button on the right side of the Staff Setup window.
4.Click OK in the Staff Setup window to delete the staff.


prcarrow To temporarily hide a staff:

1.Click "Staff/Setup"
2. In the dialog click in the staff's "HIde" box to temporarily hide the staff in that Part.  This does not delete the staff, but only hides it temporarily.  If the file is closed and then re-opened, the staff will again show in the displayed Part.
3. To show the staff again for that Part in the same session, simply uncheck the "Hide" box.