Adding and Editing Page Text

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Adding and Editing Page Text

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The procedures for adding and editing free text are generally the same as for all types of text supported by Musician. See the preceding topic, General Procedures for Editing Text:

B8Adding Text
B8Editing Text
B8Deleting Text
B8Selecting Font Type, Size, and Properties
B8Showing and Hiding Types of Text
B8Adding International Characters in Text


The Page Text Detail Palette


Page Text Detail Palette


Here are some special details about adding and editing page text that differ from other types of text:

IMPORTANT: To reserve space for a title, page header or footer, specify top and bottom margins with the Page Setup command in the Format menu. To reserve space for the page title on the first page only, there is a special option in the Page Setup dialog box for Margin / First Page Top.

B8Page text is shown only in Page View and on the printed page. Page text is not shown in Window View.
B8When you navigate with the mouse to the Page Text Palette, or type SHIFT+P, Musician will automatically switch to Page View.
B8SHIFT+P is also the shortcut for the Page Layout Palette. If you type SHIFT+P once and the Page Layout Palette is displayed, then type SHIFT+P a second time for the Page Text Palette.
B8A page text object can have multiple lines. While adding or editing the free text, hit the ENTER key to begin a new line.
B8You can specify which pages show the page text: all pages, the first page only, left pages only, right pages only, or all pages except the first page. These options are convenient for distinguishing title text on the first page, and header and footer text on subsequent pages.
B8Musician defines the following standard page text items: page number, song title, file name, and part name. The text displayed in these objects will vary according to, for example, what the page number is on a given page of the score. Note, however, that you can enter any text you want as page text, if you do not want to use one of the standard page text objects.