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Musician enables you to specify alternative endings (1, 2, etc.) for repeats, such as this "closed" ending:


or this "open" ending:


Musician supports alternating or non-sequential endings. In the following example, the sequence of performed measures is 2 through 5, 2 through 3, 6 through 7, 2 through 5, and then continuing with 8:




Please note that for later sets of endings, those endings need to also have a beginning "1" and then consecutive ending numbers.  This is good practice for "real" musicians who you may be printing a score, as well as ensuring proper playback of the song file.  For example:  



By default Musician performs repeats and endings during playback. However, you can instruct Musician to ignore them.

prcarrow  To add an ending:

1.With the mouse, navigate to the Barline Palette.

-- OR --

Type the vertical line character "|", which suggests the shape of a barline.

Musician will display the following Barline Palette:


Musician will change the cursor to Cursor-Add-bar_line

3.Click the Ending endings1 button.

-- OR --

Type "en" for ending.

4.Click anywhere in the measure where you want to add the ending.

Musician will display the Ending dialog box:


In the dialog, the Ending at Measure indicates the measure you clicked to add the ending.

5.In the Ending dialog, specify the following:
B816One or more Ending Numbers. In this example, it is the fourth ending. For the non-sequential ending example near the beginning of this topic, ending numbers 1 and 3 would be selected.
B816The Ending Length, counted in measures.
B816Open Ending or Closed Ending, as illustrated in the first two examples at the beginning of this topic.

prcarrow  To remove an ending:

1.In the score, select the ending object above the measure.

Musician will highlight the selected ending object in the color blue.

2.Hit the delkey key.

prcarrow To change the ending number(s), measure length, or style (open or closed) of an ending:

1.In the score, select the ending object above the measure.
2.Choose the Ending Properties command in the Barline Menu.

    -- OR --

    Type SHIFT+Enter. That is, while holding down the SHIFT key, hit the ENTER key.

    This will bring up the Ending dialog, as illustrated above.

3.Enter new values for the Ending Number, Ending Length, or style (Open Ending or Closed Ending). Then hit the OK button.