Barline Repeat Marks

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Barline Repeat Marks

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You can add start- and end-repeat marks to barlines. A barline for the end of a repeat can also mark the beginning of a second repeat section.

By default Musician performs a single repeat of a repeat mark during playback.

If a pair of start- and end-repeat marks span across a vocal part with three or more verses, then Musician does not automatically count the verses to determine how many times it should repeat the section. However, you can instruct Musician to repeat the section for as many times as there are verses, using the Repeat Instructions command in the Measure and Barline Menus. For details, see Repeat Instructions for Performances.

You can instruct Musician to ignore repeats during playback.

The MIDI file format does not provide for repeats. Therefore, authors of MIDI files must write out repeats. For example, if measures 16 to 31 of a score are repeated, then the MIDI file actually writes out the same notes again in measures 32 to 45. Although this works fine for playback purposes, written-out repeats are usually undesirable for printed scores. Musician enables you to replace the written-out repeated measures with repeat marks. First, you can delete the written-out repeat measures, as described in Deleting Measures. Then you can add repeat marks following the instructions below.

In some cases, repeats start in the middle of a measure. Even in this case, Musician enables you to replace the written-out repeated measures with repeat marks. First, you must split the starting and ending measures where the repeat marks are to be added. Then delete the written-out repeat measures. Finally, add the repeat marks following the instructions below.

prcarrow  To add a repeat mark to a barline:

1.Select a barline by dragging the mouse cursor over it.

Musician will display the Barline Palette.


2.Click the Start Repeat repeats or End Repeat repeats1 button.

-- OR --

Or type "sr" for Start Repeat, or "er" for End Repeat.

3.If the barline serves as both the end of one repeated section and the start of a second repeated section, then select the barline once and set the Start Repeat repeats2. Then select the barline a second time and set the End Repeat repeats3. The Barline Palette will indicate that the barline has both a Start Repeat repeats4 and an End Repeat repeats5 mark:


prcarrow  To remove a repeat mark from a barline:

B850Follow the same instructions as for adding a repeat mark. If the repeat mark is already present, you can:
Toggle the palette button for the repeat mark.
    -- OR --

    Toggle the Start Repeat or End Repeat check mark in the Barline Menu.

    -- OR --

    Type the "sr" or "er" keyboard command to toggle whether the repeat mark is displayed or not.